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5 Simple Ways to Make Money In Ghana

Make money fast in Ghana


5 Simple Ways to Make Money In Ghana

Everyday millions of people in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and all over Africa are thinking of how to make money in a country that appears to offer very little opportunity to majority of the population. Well, that thought can stop after this article. There are hundreds of money making opportunities scattered across the length and breadth of the country. Looking for employment is just one. For those who want real fast money making opportunities, here are just 5 ways to make money fast -faster than most businesses.

  1. Make Money Selling fast moving products

Fast moving consumer goods offer seemingly tiny margins but large volumes is what will make you enough money at the end of every month. Get a good location and build a strong customer base with good pricing and excellent customer services. See how fast moving consumer goods can make you rich in your country.

  1. Make Money Providing services

Almost everyone I’ve met has a marketable skill or two. Many haven’t just discovered theirs yet. The day you find out that people are willing to pay for your skill is the day you begin to make additional income beyond your salary. Cooking, painting, singing, book-keeping, make-ups, driving, selling, pottery and bead-making, just name them. Discover yourself and look for a market for what you can do. Sometimes, you have to polish the skills in order to command better price. Once you do, you must stop providing that service for free. Let people know how valuable it is. Footballers, rappers, MCs, disk jockeys (DJs), boxers, swimmers, golfers, accountants, cleaners, cooks, and many more have found a way to place value on their skill and their making millions from it. You can do same.

  1. The internet is your new friend

The internet is 25 years old and you’re yet to make your first dollar from it. Others have made billions from it already, but it’s never too late for anyone. Businesses and opportunities continue to spring up online each day. In Ghana, digital media is at its infant stage. Those who take the lead would be eventual winners if they do it right. Individuals and businesses are already making tens of thousands of dollars. Start small, gather a steady following in a niche market and begin to sell your products. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, are all avenues to make money. You may need expert’s advice and coaching. I know a few.

  1. Real Estates Make You Money

The large housing deficit, estimated at 200,000 units per year means that real estate owners would be rich. However, real estate itself requires big capital to start. What you can do if you don’t have such big capital is to place yourself somewhere in the middle of the game. Selling real estate for commissions is very rewarding. Middlemen or real estate agents make up to 10% of the value of property sold or leased or rented. What that means is that for every $100,000 property sold or rented, you could actually pocket $10,000 in commission. Expand your network (rich spenders), and get the list of GREDA members so you can negotiate your commissions. The online market makes your work even easier.

  1. On-wheel businesses

Consumers are getting lazier and lazier each day, as businesses continuously find ways of satisfying their needs without consumers breaking a sweat. Banking is on their phones and tablets, payment of utility bills and purchase of recharge cards are at a push of a button on their phones. Consumers are shopping from US and UK stores and products are shipped to their doorsteps. They are ordering food via mobile apps for delivery at their homes or offices. That’s the growing trend. Africa has not been left out of this trend.

If you can think of the next thing to deliver to consumers without them moving an inch, you have solved a problem. Selling them clothes at their doorsteps; availing yourself as a mechanic who can be reached via whatsapp and you respond immediately to them and help them out of their troubles; delivering neatly packaged hot waatse to workers; dispatch business; laundry pick-ups, and many more. Think of something you can serve consumers at the convenience of their homes and offices, and they’ll become customers for life. And there lies your great opportunity to make money.

As stated at the beginning of this article, there are several ways to make money legitimately in Ghana and most African countries.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rheinfried Tsekpo

    August 26, 2016 at 1:06 am

    Very helpful. Bless you for all the ideas and help.

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