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5 Ways To Deal With Negative Attitude From Coworkers


5 Ways To Deal With Negative Attitude From Coworkers

Many people have it tattooed on their mind how their first day at work will be like. But life at the office can be a lot different from what you picture your first day to be like and what it actually is when you walk through the door.

Fact is, it isn’t all beams and smiles. It isn’t a giant BFF relationship. Not everyone will share their lunch with you. You’ll be dealing with a lot of drama and temper tantrums.

So how do you spend your 8-5 sitting next to someone you literally want to punch, and scream at? How do you keep your cool when you feel like you are about to go ballistic. Here are a few tips on how to co-exist with your colleagues at the office.

1. Contain Yourself

Allow people to spill out of their containers when they need to, but keep your cool. Understand that everyone (including you) has one of those bad days, or worse, ‘gutter days’, and so it is necessary that you do not meet bad attitude with one of its kind as this will lead to exploding tempers.

2. Respond, don’t react

Sundar Pichai’s “Cockroach Theory” does an incredible job at not only illustrating the effect of our reactions, but also gives a better visual understanding of how our attitude towards circumstances affect us and our immediate surroundings. Rather than reacting (which usually happens in a brash manner), responding to situations allows you to think before you act in order to avoid taking decisions in anger or anxiety.

3. Be Honest About Your Feelings

One way to avoid conflicts at the workplace is to be honest about how you feel. Don’t expect people to be able to read in between the lines to envisage your thoughts. In cases of differing opinions, let the other party know and understand why you do not agree with them, or why you think doing something a certain way is a better option.

4. Be the bigger person

The decision of what’s right and what’s wrong doesn’t have to come down to ‘WHO’. Put personality and individualism aside and tackle issues from a common ground. When things do not go well and you’re met with rude attitude, be the bigger person who should know better than to descend to the sewers just to prove a point. In simple terms, know when to let go.

5. Be firm but reasonable, and respect varying opinions

Being right does not mean everyone else is wrong and so you should not listen to the opinions of others. It is never okay to force your will on people just because you feel you are right. Allow mixt opinions. Be firm, but reasonable in getting people to be on the same page with you. It will be easier to get your coworkers to share in your vision if they feel you respect their opinion too.

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