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5 Ways to Earn Extra Income Even if You Have a Full-time Job


5 Ways to Earn Extra Income Even if You Have a Full-time Job

Whether you’re already in employment or unemployed, you would still want to have a few extra hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to start an investment, pay debts or simply change turn your life around. Here’s how to start

Launch an Online Resource

It’s a fast-moving business world. Technology, internet in particular, has made things easy and so many entrepreneurs have made millions of dollars by leveraging the pervasive power and reach of the internet. You can simply use existing platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to launch something you are passionate about. For example you can post short videos teaching people how to cook, easy facial make-ups, etc and begin to monetize when your audience grow.

Start a Service Business

Teaching, weekend parenting, cooking, painting, photography, cleaning, shopping, are among many services you can start immediately and charge people a small fee to provide. First, discover what you are good at. For example, if you are an accountant at work, you can look for small businesses and help them prepare their books and tax returns for a small fee. Salesmen can always sell other products and earn commissions as long as it does not conflict their contract with their employers.

Leverage e-commerce sites

E-commerce websites like Tonaton, Olx, Amazon, Currys are platforms that can help you make money without selling your own products or buying products for yourself. In Ghana and many parts of Africa, many people are not yet acquainted with the idea of online shopping. You can always take their orders and do the shopping online for them, for a small fee or mark-up. But don’t forget refund requests and customer service.

Invest in Real Estate

In Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and many other African countries, there is a wide housing gap. This presents a large opportunity in the real estate industry –both commercial and residential. You can always start with one building and grow it consistently before you retire from active employment. The rent is rewarding.

Host an Event

Organizing and hosting small events is lucrative. Secure a loyal following by starting small. Then, charge for a bigger event with a reputable speaker. Rent a small upscale conference room at a hotel in a good location grow your numbers with periodic events. Stick to a regular schedule as breaking it could significantly dwindle the attendance. Choose a topic that you are familiar with or passionate about.

It’s not difficult after all.

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1 Comment

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