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7 Essential Qualities Employees Expect from Managers to Guarantee Success


7 Essential Qualities Employees Expect from Managers to Guarantee Success

Working with people with different expectations, skills and temperament can be challenging sometimes, and if not managed well, the goals of the team (and business) will be in jeopardy. Managers are the coaches of the teams. They are expected without fail to bring the best out of every team member (staff) to work towards the goals of the organisation.

Employees on the other hand are ready to work and give their best but under certain unwritten and often not-communicated conditions. Here is what employees say they expect from their managers in order to work hard at all times with the team

  1. Inclusiveness

You are the boss but your employees expect to be included in everything you do and what you want others to do for you, even if it’s not them. They feel respected and appreciated when you include them in decisions and tasks –routine or strategic.

  1. Relationships

Your employees want to have a relationship with you. They are not happy with just taking orders and instructions from you nor being monitored and assessed each day and month. They want to relate with you beyond formal relationships. They want to know what’s up with you and want you to know what’s up with them as well. Genuine care for your employees makes them genuinely want to help and put in their best even when they are unable to. So, rather than scolding them for being late, find out if the car broke down on the way to work and ask if the mechanic is fixing it and how much it’s going to cost.

  1. Reward them

Give credit where and when credit is due. Quite simple. And it works for everyone including your team members and your superiors. When your team member brings up an idea that saves the business thousands and millions of money or brings in more customers, give him the credit. Do this in his presence and even when he’s not around. Let him hear from the other staff members how you praised him for his brilliance or hardwork. Ask the CEO to call him into his office to congratulate him in person, rather than sending a routine mail. This makes them want to work hard and get credit again and again.

  1. Fairness and Unbiased Treatment

Your actions, and inactions as a manager can start mini-wars among staff and team members. Cohesion in any team is the x-factor for success. Treat all your team members fairly and equally. Do not show that you care for or respect one member more than the other. This habit of unequal treatment breeds jealousy and resentment which negatively and hugely impacts productivity. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Always remember humans are emotional.

  1. Open and Approachable

Be open to all members of your team. Create an atmosphere that allows everyone to talk to the other person without fear. Listen to what everyone has to say and always think through their suggestions and ideas. Do not be in a hurry to brush off their ideas and suggestions so you can pursue yours, else you won’t get them anymore. Being open and approachable brings out the best from every team member.

  1. Leadership and Intuitiveness

Employees prefer to work with and feel comfortable working with a manager with strong leadership capabilities. You must show the way where no one finds a way. Do not blame your staff when things are not going well, but rather take responsibility for the group performance and always lead the way. Your gut feeling in the face of risk or uncertainty must be unquestionable.

  1. Sensing

Successful and loved managers are sensing people who pay attention to both immediate data from their five senses and data from their own direct experience (Sherrie Campbell wrote in a post). She added that sensing managers are grounded in logic and manage in practical and realist way. Such an attribute gives members comfort in the manager’s fairness and they trust the manager as well.



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