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The 7 Simple Steps to Kick Start your Business


The 7 Simple Steps to Kick Start your Business

Starting a business is one of the thrilling decisions you can make in your life. These steps will help you start any small business successfully, anywhere you find yourself.

  1. Be Inspired

Having a brilliant idea isn’t enough to start a business. You need that self-motivation and some form of inspiration to get you off your seat and take the first step. Believe in your idea and in yourself.

  1. Do Research

Don’t get too excited about your idea, yet.  Find out if such an offering is already in abundance in the market and modify yours and choose a section of the market that has not been well satisfied. You need to do your homework well before taking off; else your brilliant idea will come crushing in weeks.

  1. Plan

Don’t just start without a plan. Your sure to fail. Only a few businesses have survived two years without a plan but they soon fail. Detail exactly what you want to do and how you will do it for the next five years. Once you have a good plan, stick to it. Only modify it when the assumptions change. Plan for everything: financing, risks, staffing, operations, strategies, products and services, everything.

  1. Business Structure

The form of business you choose affect a couple of things, like taxation. Sole proprietorship, partnerships and company limited by shares are some of the common forms of business. Choose the one that best suits your size, business and future plans. You may need a professional to help you.

  1. Pick a Name & Register Business

The name you pick for your business is very important. Take Apple for example, the name is very unique for a tech business. It makes it easy for marketing and branding purpose but requires professionals and big budgets to push it. Choose a name that suits your service/products and the business you are in, if your marketing budget is low. It must also be exciting (not boring) and communicate to consumers.

Always remember to register your business before you begin operations. It’s important to obey all the laws and regulations in the economic jurisdictions you operate.

  1. Set Up Your Business Location

Set up your office or shop or workshop for business. Allow ample walking area for staff and customers. Use colors that resonate with the business you are doing and your core values as a business. The location of your business can be very important depending on the kind of business; often easy-to-find locations are better than squeezing in one obscure corner at the outskirts of town.

  1. Market Your Business and Products

Spend some money and time promoting your business and the products you sell. Don’t leave your business in the dark and assume that consumers will find you. No, they won’t find you in the dark. They can only find you when you put yourself out there and make some noise. Grand openings are often simple ways to launch your business into the market.

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1 Comment

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