Why Africa is Still Underdeveloped?

Why Africa underdeveloped

Africa is blessed with abundant of resources both natural and human resource. The kind of rich resources that Africa has should make us the wealthiest continent in the world. What is the reason for the underdeveloped of Africa? Why aren’t we able to utilize our resources? Is Africa under some sort of resource curse?

Corruption, greed, ethnic division and regionalism. These are all practices which has enslaved the African man. We have given other continents the upper hand to exploit us.

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All the time, we blame others for what is happening to our continent. For all the time we waste accusing or blaming our government for being corrupt. We can use that time to make the same analysis on different cases such as regionalism, exploitation that is killing our continent and figure out how it can be stopped. All right thinking people must put their heads together as a continent and share ideas about how we can help each other develop.

Africa poverty
Image credit: The Telegraph

If we want free ourselves from ethnic division and unite as a continent to put ideas together we can develop every part of our continent. We need to start thinking global and realize that our extremely immature industry relative to the world industrial giants like the US and the European powers, the country`s growth has effectively butchered ours into non-existence. We need to start picking up the pace.

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Instead of wasting thousands of millions on mansions and expensive cars, we could invest those billions in something productive and resourceful that will bring us economic development. Africans should stop thinking hand to mouth and think about the future, open our eyes to reality of the world we live in now. If we don’t stop our selfish behaviour in the near future our continent is going to be reduced to absolutely nothing.