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A First Time Salary Worker Shares How She Spent Her First Salary and Managed to Save 50%


A First Time Salary Worker Shares How She Spent Her First Salary and Managed to Save 50%

So I open my social media account in a bus after work and all I see are nice professional photos captioned,” pre-birthday” and I am like oh really what happened to smart phones?

It’s my first salary. My mind begins racing at unnecessary, yet wanted expenses. Can I cancel any of them from my never-ending list of to-buys?

I was just getting used to pics of those lavish birthday dinners university students throw at hotel restaurants and the likes.

Well it got me thinking about what I am going to use my first income for.

For starters, there are a few things I have to eliminate so that the more important things can come into the spotlight.  And here are some irresistible spending you must avoid, at all costs.

  1. Clothes

As a lady, the desire to look great everyday  is innate. You had clothes before the payment came in and those clothes are good enough .Unless your clothes actually need a replacement or it is a good discount sales please don’t use your first income on clothes. Clothes never appreciate in value so for a career starter it shouldn’t be on the list of things you will use your first salary for.


  1. Fast food

When there is money in your pocket, your taste buds suddenly upgrade. Not to necessarily healthy food but to foods we spend a good deal of money on to satisfy our expensive taste buds. We could use the same money to cook something simple for ourselves and it would last a few days than a few hours.


  1. Outings

Ghana is a beautiful place to be if you have the money to see it. There are nice hide outs in Ghana, and not all of them are costly. Once in a while go out with friends and have fun but don’t make a habit of it. You might find yourself spending beyond your account.


  1. Paying People Unnecessarily for Things you can do on your own

We look for people to wash for us, cook for us and basically do anything we feel too lazy to do ourselves. Starting out in life you shouldn’t begin by paying people for things you know very well you can do.


We all have those impulse buying moments (well I know I do) and it might as well be my biggest financial threat. Eventually it is either your money is kept for a greater purpose or chopped without counting the cost.

I managed to save 50% of my small salary, and it’s just to make a statement in future.

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