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Banks in Ghana: List of all Licensed Rural Banks and Community Banks in Ghana

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Banks in Ghana: List of all Licensed Rural Banks and Community Banks in Ghana

The Bank of Ghana is the sole body that licenses banking institution in the country. The general public must be aware of banking institutions that they do business with and their standing, in the books of the regulator. Here is a list of all licensed rural and community banks in Ghana as at April 2016.




1 Atwima Rural Bank Ltd. Foase BSD/RB/11 16/02/1980
2 Sekyedomase Rural Bank Ltd. Sekyedomase BSD/RB/14 12/09/1980
3 Adansi Rural Bank Ltd. Fomena BSD/RB/15 19/09/1980
4 Asokore Rural Bank Ltd. Asokore BSD/RB/20 05/12/1980
5 Kwamaman Rural Bank Ltd. Kwaman BSD/RB/38 23/08/1982
6 Asante Akyem Rural Bank Ltd. Juansa BSD/RB/43 06/10/1982
7 Kumawuman Rural Bank Ltd. Kumawu BSD/RB/45 29/10/1982
8 Akrofoum Area Rural Bank Ltd. Akrofuom BSD/RB/51 04/12/1982
9 Ahafo Ano Premier Rural Bank Ltd. Wioso BSD/RB/52 07/12/1982
10 Bosomtwe Rural Bank Ltd. Kuntanase BSD/RB/53 09/12/1982
11 Okomfo Anokye Rural Bank Ltd. Wiamoase BSD/RB/57 11/03/1983
12 Odotobiri Rural Bank Ltd. Jacobu BSD/RB/62 16/07/1983
13 Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank Ltd. Pakyi No.2 BSD/RB/67 08/09/1983
14 Sekyere Rural Bank Ltd. Jamasi BSD/RB/75 20/10/1983
15 Amanano Rural Bank Ltd. Nyinahin BSD/RB/76 21/10/1983
16 Amansie West Rural Bank Ltd. Antoakrom BSD/RB/77 22/10/1983
17 Juaben Rural Bank Ltd. Juaben BSD/RB/94 25/10/1984
18 Atwima Mponua Rural Bank Ltd. Toase BSD/RB/98 16/11/1987
19 Nwabiagya Rural Bank Ltd. Barrekese BSD/RB/111 01/08/1987
20 Otuasekan Rural Bank Ltd. Kofiase BSD/RB/120 17/06/1988
21 Nsutaman Rural Bank Ltd. Nsuta BSD/RB/131 23/10/2000
22 Offinso Rural Bank Offinso BSD/RB/149 23/06/2008
23 Tepaman Rural Bank 153
24 Bosome Freho Rural Bank Nsuaem OFISD/RB/153 2009
25 Yaa Asantewa Rural Bank Ejisu OFISD/RB/147 20/05/2012
1 Naara Rural Bank Ltd. Paga BSD/RB/28 09/07/1981
2 Bessfa Rural Bank Ltd. Garu BSD/RB/83 26/11/1983
3 Builsa Community Bank Sandama BSD/RB/127
4 Toende Rural Bank Zebilla BSD/RB/137 24/01/2004
5 Bongo Rural Bank Bongo BSD/RB/153 2009






1 Nyakrom Rural Bank Ltd. Agona Nyakrom BSD/RB/1 09/07/1976
2 Mfantseman Community Bank Biriwa BSD/RB/2 09/01/1980
3 Enyan Denkyira Rural Bank Ltd. Enyan Denkyira BSD/RB/8 09/01/1980
4 Gomoa Community Bank Ltd. Apam BSD/RB/9 11/01/1980
5 Kakum Rural Bank Ltd. Elmina BSD/RB/10 09/02/1980
6 Nyankumase Ahenkro Rural Bank Ltd. Fante-Nyankumase BSD/RB/27 03/07/1981
7 Union Rural Bank Ltd. Senya Bereku BSD/RB/40 17/09/1982
8 Assinman Rural Bank Ltd. Assin Manso BSD/RB/47 13/11/1982
9 Brakwa Breman Rural Bank Ltd. Brakwa BSD/RB/56 18/12/1982
10 Ayanfuri Rural Bank Ltd.(Denkyiraman) Ayanfuri BSD/RB/58 28/04/1983
11 Akatakyiman Rural Bank Ltd. Komenda BSD/RB/65 30/08/1983
12 Ekumfiman Rural Bank Ltd. Essuehyia BSD/RB/71 23/09/1983
13 Agona Rural Bank Ltd. Kwannyaku BSD/RB/73 07/10/1983
14 Akyempim Rural Bank Ltd. Gomoa-Dawurampong BSD/RB/84
15 Akoti Rural Bank Ltd. Assin-Akropong BSD/RB/92 28/09/1984
16 Twifu Rural Bank Ltd. Twifo-Agona BSD/RB/100 30/11/1984
17 Awutu Emasa Rural Bank Ltd. Awutu Bereku BSD/RB/103 14/12/1984
18 Bawjiase Area Rural Bank Ltd. Bawjiase BSD/RB/106 06/09/1985
19 Odupon Kpehe Kasoa BSD/RB/135 2001
20 Microfin Rural Bank Gomoa BSD/RB/158 Nov-13
1 Bonzali Rural Bank Kumbungu BSD/RB/121 30/04/1990
2 Tisungtaaba (East Mamprusi) Gambaga BSD/RB/122 02/05/1990
3 West Mamprusi Rural bank(Bangmarigu) Walewale BSD/RB/124
4 Borimanga Rural Bank Savelugu BSD/RB/138 2007
5 Buuwuloso One Stop Rural Bank Damongo BSD/RB/144 2008
6 Tizaa Rural Bank Gushegu BSD/RB/152 2008
7 Zabzugu Rural Bank Zabzugu Tatale BSD/RB/155 2010
1 Asuopra  Rural Bank Ltd.(North Birim) Afosu BSD/RB/3 24/05/1977
2 Manya Krobo Rural Bank Ltd. Odumase-Krobo BSD/RB/5 10/09/1978
3 Akwapim Rural Bank ltd. Mamfe BSD/RB/12 29/08/1980
4 Kwahu Rural Bank Ltd. Pepease BSD/RB/13 05/09/1980
5 Anum Rural Bank Ltd. Anum BSD/RB/22 10/04/1981
6 South Birim Rural Bank Ltd. Achiase BSD/RB/31 31/07/1981
7 Upper Manya Kro Rural Bank Ltd. Asesewa BSD/RB/36 30/03/1982
8 Kwahu Praso Rural Bank Ltd. Kwahu Praso BSD/RB/44 08/10/1982
9 Atiwa Rural Bank Ltd. Kwabeng BSD/RB/48 19/11/1982
10 Mumuadu Rural Bank Ltd. Osino BSD/RB/49 26/11/1982
11 Afram Rural Bank Ltd. Tease BSD/RB/54 11/12/1982
12 Mponua Rural Bank Ltd. Amuana Praso BSD/RB/70 16/09/1983
13 Akim Bosome Rural Bank Ltd. Akim Swedru BSD/RB/74 15/10/1983
14 Kwaebibirim Rural Bank Ltd. Asuom BSD/RB/90 21/09/1984
15 Akyem Mansa Rural Bank Ltd. Ayirebi BSD/RB/91 22/09/1984
16 South Akim Rural Bank Ltd. Nankese BSD/RB/97 02/11/1984
17 Odwen-Anoma Rural Bank Ltd. Hweehwee BSD/RB/110 05/06/1987
18 Dumpong Rural Bank Ltd. Asakraka BSD/RB/118 29/04/1988
19 Adonten Community Bank Ltd. New Tafo BSD/RB/128
20 Asuogyaman Rural Bank Ltd Akosombo BSD/RB/143 2007
21 Citizens Rural Bank Ltd Nsawam BSD/RB/150 2007
22 Fanteakwa Rural Bank Begoro BSD/RB/148 18/07/2008
23 Suhum Rural Bank Ltd Suhum BSD/RB/164 2014
1 Shai Rural Bank Ltd. Dodowa BSD/RB/17 02/10/1980
2 Ada Rural Bank Ltd. Kasseh BSD/RB/37 13/08/1982
3 Dangbe Rural Bank Ltd. Prampram BSD/RB/39 03/09/1982
4 Ga Rural Bank Ltd. Amasaman BSD/RB/104 21/12/1984
5 Abokobi Rural Bank Ltd. Abokobi BSD/RB/105 15/02/1985
6 La Community Bank Ltd. Labadi BSD/RB/115 03/11/1987
7 Oyibi Area Rural Bank Oyibi BSD/RB/163 Jan-12
1 Kintampo Rural Bank Ltd. Kintampo BSD/RB/7 14/12/1979
2 Wamfie Rural Bank Ltd. Wamfie BSD/RB/30 16/09/1981
3 Suma Rural Bank Ltd. Suma Ahenkro BSD/RB/41 29/09/1982
4 Baduman Rural Bank Ltd. Badu BSD/RB/42 01/10/1982
5 Asutifi Rural Bank Ltd. Acherensua BSD/RB/50 02/12/1982
6 Nkoranza Kwabre Rural Bank ltd. Akuma BSD/RB/60 20/05/1983
7 Fiagya Rural Bank Ltd. Busunya BSD/RB/61 14/07/1983
8 Bomaa Rural Bank Ltd. Bomaa BSD/RB/68 10/09/1983
9 Nsoatreman Rural Bank Ltd. Nsoatre BSD/RB/95 27/10/1984
10 Derma Area Rural Bank Ltd. Derma BSD/RB/101 06/12/1984
11 Yapra Rural Bank Ltd. Prang BSD/RB/102 08/12/1984
12 Nkoranman Rural Bank Ltd. Seikwa BSD/RB/114 05/09/1987
13 Amantin & Kasei Amanten BSD/RB/129
14 Ahafo Community Kukum BSD/RB/133
15 Nafana Sampa BSD/RB/134 09/10/2000
16 Drobo Community New Drobo BSD/RB/130
17 Atweaban Rural Bank Ltd Duayaw-Nkwanta BSD/RB/142 /2007
18 Capital Rural Bank Ltd Abesim BSD/RB/136 05/11/2003
19 Nkrankwanta  Rural Bank Ltd. Duayaw Nkwanta BSD/RB/146 14/01/2009
20 Bomosadu Rural Bank Ltd Berekum BSD/RB/162 2013
21 Wenchi Rural Bank Ltd Wenchi BSD/RB/154 2010
22 Tepaman Rural Bank Tepa OFISD/RB/156 2013
1 Ankobra West Rural Bank Ltd. Esiama BSD/RB/4 10/06/1977
2 Amenfiman Rural Bank Ltd. Wassa-Akropong BSD/RB/16 16/09/1980
3 Nzema Manle Rural Bank Ltd. Awiebo BSD/RB/21 03/04/1981
4 Jomoro Rural Bank Ltd. Tikobo No. 1 BSD/RB/33 13/11/1981
5 Asawinso Rural Bank Ltd. Sefwi-Asawinso BSD/RB/59 30/04/1983
6 Lower Pra Rural Bank Ltd. Shama BSD/RB/66 31/08/1983
7 Fiaseman Rural Bank Ltd. (Bogoso) Bogoso BSD/RB/81 04/11/1983
8 Lower Amenfi (Mansoman) Rural Bank Ltd. Manso Amenfi BSD/RB/85 10/08/1984
9 Ahantaman Rural Bank Ltd. Agona Nkwanta BSD/RB/99 23/11/1984
10 Upper Amenfi Rural Bank Ltd. Ankwanso BSD/RB/112 18/08/1987
11 Kaaseman Rural Bank Ltd. Kaase BSD/RB/116 12/11/1987
12 Bia-Torya Community Bank Bonsu Nkwanta BSB/RB/125
13 Western Rural Bank Ltd. Sekondi BSD/RB/139
14 Sefwiman Rural Bank Ltd. Bibiani BSD/RB/159
1 Nandom Rural Bank Ltd. Nandom BSD/RB/29 11/07/1981
2 Sonzele Rural Bank Ltd. Jirapa BSD/RB/82 24/11/1983
3 Sissala Rural Bank Ltd. Tumu BSD/RB/138 17/12/2004
4 Lawra Rural Bank Ltd Lawra BSD/RB/145 04/09/2006
1 Amuga (North Tongu) Rural Bank Ltd.(Amuga) Adidome BSD/RB/18 16/10/1980
2 Asubonten Rural Bank Ltd. Worawora BSD/RB/19 28/11/1980
3 Avenor Rural Bank Ltd. Akatsi BSD/RB/24 15/05/1981
4 Unity Rural Bank Ltd. Ziope BSD/RB/79 28/10/1983
5 North Volta (Guaman) Rural Bank Ltd. Guaman BSD/RB/80 29/10/1983
6 Weto Rural Bank Ltd. Kpeve BSD/RB/88 31/10/1984
7 Agave Rural Bank Dabala BSD/RB/108 20/02/1987
8 Mepe Area Rural Bank Ltd. Mepe BSD/RB/123 10/08/1991
9 Anlo Rural Bank Keta BSD/RB/132 31/01/2001
10 Butawu Rural Bank Ltd Tsito BSD/RB/151 2007
11 Gbi Rural Bank Ltd. Hohoe BSD/RB/160 2008
12 Kpassa Rural Bank Ltd. Kpassa BSD/RB/161 2009
13 Kaakye Rural Bank Ltd. Kete Krachi OFISD/RB/165 21/10/2015


This list changes as new ones are licensed and others phase out of the system for reasons including withdrawal of license, filing of bankruptcy, dissolution and others.

It is advisable to know if your rural or community bank in Ghana is in good standing before you begin or continue your banking relationship.


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1 Comment

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