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Benefits of Business Cards and Letterheads in a Digital Age


Benefits of Business Cards and Letterheads in a Digital Age

Business cards serve many purposes in the world of business. Despite the growth of the internet and the emerging apps that seem to be sidelining physical cards, there is still a vital role that business cards play.

Bump, LinkedIn,–just some of the many apps and online platforms that were predicted to be the end of business cards as we know them.

But as much they’ve tried to eliminate the need for us to exchange those little 3 ½ x 2 inch slips of paper, they’re definitely not dead yet.

The technology is cool and it just keeps getting cooler. Robert Scoble, one of the top tech evangelists on the planet, profiled EyeJot—a mobile app that lets you send electronic vCards that include video, location map data, links to your social networks and all your contact information.

The  big problem with most of the digital solutions is the need for online and mobile solutions. Sure the technology is cool, but you still have to pull out your smartphone (which is still way bigger than a business card) or go to a website and that creates a barrier.

The self-employed, employees and even job-seekers need a business card. Business cards are not reserved for only fancy lawyers and business executives. When it comes to staying in and getting ahead in business, a little self-assurance makes a big statement. The prospect of condensing your company or job title into a few slick sentences may appear daunting, but if you get the wording right, it could go a long way to benefit you.

Touch of Professionalism

A card gives off an air of professionalism and competence. Whenever you hand a slick business card into the hands of another, it carries a bigger weight of professionalism, which many perceive as equivalent to a respected level of competence. It tells a bigger story than you can say in words.


Whenever you meet new people and strike a conversation, there is a high chance that certain questions will pop up. “So what do you do?” It’s often one of the questions that come up in most conversations when you meet a new person. At this stage of the conversation, a business card comes in handy. It’s also a good way to initiate a professional and personal relationship as you expand your network. And again it tells a thousand words. By having a business card with you, you could grab any networking opportunity with firm hands, instead of murmuring the usual response “well, I’m sort of …”

Sets you Apart

If you find it difficult making a good first impression, a business card can help make a lasting one. It helps you leave an impression which reflects the measured pitch and aim of your business or career. It puts you in a different, often higher, league in the mind of people you meet, even if it’s a small business.

Whatever your occupation or business, a business card can improve your prospects in many ways. Business cards still serve a good purpose in this digital  business world.



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