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Boring Life? 6 Things You Can Do To Bring Excitement Back Into Your Life

boring life


Boring Life? 6 Things You Can Do To Bring Excitement Back Into Your Life

Many people today complain about how monotonous their lives are, but in reality, do nothing to make it better.

Monotony kills. The dreary repetitious colorless life can slowly suck the sunshine out of your life, leaving an empty black hole-like feeling of frustration, helplessness and lassitude.

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness. I know this statement is kind of cliché, but working out our happiness with such frenzy and enthusiasm is a commitment we owe to ourselves.

So if you’re pretty upset and feel like you’re about to blow up like Bomb in Angry Birds for putting up with all that stress and repetitiousness, here are a few things you can do to get the excitement in your life back!

  1. The Excuses Must End: Go out, have fun!

You can’t complain about your monotonous life when all you have done is to give yourself reason to be away from your family, friends, and colleagues.

A lot of people whine about how bored they are but turn down their friends requests to go out and take a breather. If you’re one of such people, the excuses have got to end. Like now! And you can start by making a list of the things you enjoy doing.


  1. Hang Out With People Whose Company You Absolutely Enjoy

The desperate need for you to get out of the house doesn’t mean you should just hang out with anybody.

Moving with the wrong crowd could only make you feel worse about yourself and leave you with doubts and hesitation when the subject of hanging out with friends crop up again.


  1. Don’t (Always) Plan: Give Impulse A Chance

 Some of the best experiences have been borne out of a quick desire, whim, a sudden urge or a burst of adrenaline.

Planning is good, but sometimes you have to let your guard down and give impulse a chance. Like if you suddenly feel like going to the beach, do. If you suddenly feel like going horse-back riding or even climbing a mountain, just do it!


  1. Make New Friends

Sometimes the actual reason why we are bored with our lives is because we get tired of seeing the same old faces, and having timeworn conversations.

Think it’s about time you met some strangers? Get your cowboy on and say howdy to someone. Who knows? You might actually like them.



  1. Travel

 Paris shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, (actually it will, for some people). But who says you have to go to Paris? Whatever happened to exploring your hometown, some ancient ruins in the country side, visiting waterfalls and other tourist sites?

It shouldn’t be that expensive to pin your travel destinations close to home. Of course, just until you can afford France, Spain, Australia, Japan, Nepal and all the others, to enjoy exquisite cuisines, breath-taking landscapes and diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Finally, the most important of all,

  1. Be enthused about life

All the ideas above will mean absolutely nothing to you if you aren’t enthused about life.

You only live once, and that should be enough reason for you to live it darn well. You owe yourself the opportunity to be happy, so give it! Live life not for anyone, but yourself!


Take it from someone who has been bored half of her taut life!


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  1. Gideon

    August 30, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    I will try my best to practice 3; at least if not all

  2. NJBraso

    August 31, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Number 5 is everything…

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