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Buy your Real Estate Properties from the Right Companies


Buy your Real Estate Properties from the Right Companies

If you’re buying properties in Ghana, there is a chance you may come across many sellers. Not all of these sellers are there to sell you properties. Some are in to take your money and disappear.

They walk around with you and show you several properties across the length and breadth of the city, but they disappear the moment you make payment to them.

It is therefore important you know who you’re buying from. In Ghana for instance, there is a 25year old body of real estate developers called Ghana Real Estate Developers Association that regulates and speaks on behalf of the real estate developers. The GREDA is one body you can trust. It’s the country’s leading organised body of real estate developers that people can trust. It’s members include real estate companies in Ghana that serve different segments of the market in different locations across the country.

The members of GREDA are expected be act professionally in line with their ethical and professional standards. Buyers would be able to do business with them based on mutual trust, as there is a mother body you can report unprofessional behaviour to, and be assured that it will be addressed accordingly.

It is advisable to go through the list of GREDA members whenever you’re dealing with anybody that purports itself as a real estate company in Ghana. This is not to suggest that non-members are not legitimate business entities but being a member gives buyers additional comfort and reliability.

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