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You Can’t Win Alone , Here are Tips on Building a Winning Team

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You Can’t Win Alone , Here are Tips on Building a Winning Team

All winning teams are goal-oriented and every 21st century employer or manager wants to build a team that will work well together. Successful teams are characterized by team spirit based around trust, mutual respect, helpfulness, “winning attitude” and – at best – friendliness.

In forming and managing a team (employees), it is important to consider not only individual’s technical skills, knowledge and experience but also look at their ability to co-ordinate projects, leadership skills and their interpersonal qualities. In selecting potential employees, it is important to look for people who will work constructively with others and have a willingness to grow and develop within the organization.

The first step to get started is the choice of Leadership style. Leadership by fear limits the growth of employees’ achievements. You have to be flexible, kind and gentle but not forgetting to be firm in your approach. Create a supportive climate of openness, trust and mutual respect that promotes loyalty and cooperation and provides a ‘blame free’ culture.

Practice Active Listening by Encouraging People to Speak up.

Respect each team member’s perspective and ideas by creating an atmosphere where both vocal and close-to-timid or less confident employees can share their opinion. No single idea is bad or good enough. Also, have a positive and pleasant approach of trashing out not-so-good ideas.

Develop a Succession Plan.

Share the chain of progression with employees. Employees should be made aware of career opportunities in line with the organization’s performance appraisal system. A good succession plan motivates “the team” to work harder as it opens endless opportunities for career advancement.

 Leverage the Strength of Individual Employees.

There should be an effort to discover their talents, train them on where there is a skill gap.  Roles assigned to them should be based on their capabilities. They may be good at all things but there is that one thing that makes their creativity come to life. Do not overload your employees because they have exhibited competency in other areas. It is crucial that you do not give your employees more than they can handle. However, assign roles that will challenge them, roles that will exploit their potential and bring the best out of them.

Use 360 Feedback Approach.

Employees are motivated and feel valued when they are given positive reinforcement and shown how their work contributes to the success of the business. Access their work and give your constructive comments and suggestions.  On the other hand, be ready to accept ‘not so good’ feedback from employees.

By incorporating these steps, it ensures an increase in productivity, low labour turn over and boosts employee morale.

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