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How to Earn $1,000 a Month even when you’re unemployed


How to Earn $1,000 a Month even when you’re unemployed

How to Earn $1,000 a Month even when you’re unemployed

Many are those who want to have a better life. If you believe your better life is strongly linked to how much you earn each month, then this article is for you. In Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries, many salaried workers take home less than $1,000 each month. Cost of living in some of these countries is quite high, dwarfing the meager salaries when compared – – forcing regular day workers to start looking elsewhere for part-time jobs or businesses. The situation is even worse if you are unemployed. Here’s how to earn good money if you’re in any of these countries

Provide Services and Price them well

I resigned my day job years ago to start a business. I also provide services to small and medium-sized businesses. I charge per hour of work done. I provide my clients with financial advisory and accounting services. I also help investors identify profitable businesses, while helping businesses secure investments.

Most businesses in Ghana and other parts of Africa are reluctant to pay for intangible products (services especially). To convince them you are capable of adding value to their business, take the pain to identify the weaknesses or loopholes and present it to them. Show them how you can fix that problem and how that can translate to more revenue or cost-savings.

Then let them know the price you’re quoting is a lot less than what they stand to gain or save. For a two-week job, I expect nothing less than $1,000, and my clients expect nothing less than 5 times (sometimes a 1000 fold) that amount in extra revenue or cost-savings.


Sell for Established Brands

If you don’t know how to sell, then what you can sell easily are products of established brands. These brands are already household names that everyone identifies with. Selling Nestle products, Unilever products, insurance products of established brands like Star Assurance, etc. And you don’t need to be employed by these companies for you to sell their products. They often handle advertising and other forms of marketing for you with their huge budgets. Selling fast moving goods is another quick way of earning $1,000 a month. You can easily earn $1,000 at the end of each month selling products and services for known brands for a fee or commission. Good news is you may not even need money to start selling. Contact a retailer, wholesaler or distributor to arrange your terms of engagement.

Eat the internet

The internet provides many opportunities for the young and old. The internet has made both the young and old millionaires, in Africa and across the globe. Go beyond just signing up to every new app and posting pictures, comments and videos. You must begin to monetize whatever it is you’re doing online.

Teenagers are making millions of dollars by just posting videos and pictures. This may be entirely new to some readers but you can also make money from the internet. Learn how to monetize what you do online, or even how to start making money online if you’re new to this. A student of KNUST in Ghana once quoted GHc400 to post my marketing materials with his Instagram account which had over 30k following. Imagine if he posted for just 10 people/businesses each month. The team at Top Business Journal and other media houses have teams and personnel who train and help you make money online. You can register now for the next Business workshop


Outsourced Jobs

Many businesses are beginning to trust parts of their work in the hands of people they have not met –well, people they have met online. Data input jobs, computations and programming, designing, social media management, brand ambassadorial jobs are some of the many jobs you can take up to earn extra money. Companies all over the world are willing to hand over such jobs for you if you’re also willing to reach out to them. You may not need to be employed after all.

Earning a $1,000 shouldn’t be a hustle even if you’re unemployed. Only if you’re determined to do so. There are several reasons why you need a part-time job, if you’re employed. You’ll be amazed how National Service personnel are making money (more than $1,000 a month) besides their meager monthly allowance.



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