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Earn Money Writing in the Comfort of your Home

How to earn money writing


Earn Money Writing in the Comfort of your Home

Most people think that writing needs to be a gift from the heavens, aside that then one can not write. I dare to contradict that. Yes; one may be gifted with writing skills but that can not be only the basics of writing. Perhaps, one who is “not gifted” qualifies more.

I  developed my writing skills at a young age. I remember being told by a lot of people that  I had the gift but how did I make that gift a career?.

I decided that the fact that I was presumed gifted didn’t mean I had to wait for a divine intervention to start writing. I wrote my first rough book at the age of mine. I remember how proud my mother was and how  fulfilled I felt. But my passion for writing didn’t begin there. It took me years to combine the gift with passion and my style, and most importantly dedication.

Hence the tools needed to develop a career in writing.


A mentioned earlier, a gift is not enough to write. An essential tool is  passion. As you realise that you want to write and grow in it, you need passion. Surprisingly, passion develops as you begin to draft down your writings, being it thoughts, ideas, experiences, observations and what not. However that passion is only a candle lit. To become a real flame, it needs to be harnessed by constant practice. Before long, that little rough draft will become that novel sitting in the corner of that shelf.

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What makes your writing unique? Why would I patronize what you have written instead of the other person’s? It is the style. What I prefer to term as diction. One funny thing is that there is a certain pattern of writing that everyone follows. When a new style is developed, it is not considered as a good write up. Irrespective of that, I believe that developing your own diction makes your writing stand out. Do you want your novel to sound like a news story in someone’s ear? That’s your style. In the long run, it’s your piece and you know what and how you want to communicate. Your diction is your image!


Having passion and style will be the least of your worries if you lack that one drive: dedication. How many write-ups can you put together in a week? Rate yourself and compare it to your level of satisfaction. Does it qualify you to be a writer, if so a dedicated one? When you are unable to give room for what you are supposedly trying to develop a career from then you are practically putting it in a drawer and locking it up. When you are unable to find time to nurture yourself then you don’t want to write. So apportion more time to what you say you want to be and stand back and watch .

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I don’t know about you but I already feel like a writer.  Now I write for blogs and my own novels while earning. You can also do more and have a concrete career Just note: Passion, Style and Dedication!


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