Ghana’s Fashion Power Couple Revealed


Ghana’s fashion industry is progressing leaps and bounds. Pioneers like Joyce Ababio have taught the younger ones, and even younger ones like Papa Oppong are breaking records which have not been set. In this era, it is good to be a designer, an illustrator, a stylist, a seamstress – wait there are no seamstresses anymore – designers and stylists.

Everyone in the industry who designs is probably learning how to sew or even already knows how to. It is easy to get lost in this mass of talent. However, there is a couple I have grown to love in the uniqueness of style and originality – a couple of attributes that distinguishes one fashion venture from the others. The relationship between the couple transcends the industry, style and recognition.


The first time I saw an image of Afua Rida, I was captivated.   From her glorious mane to her shoes all screamed fashionista . She has amazing physical features and looks effortlessly beautiful in pictures. I follow house of Cramer, a blog  where she has made some amazing inputs. Her instagram page is a gold mine for any fashion oriented person.  She seems to have a thing for the red lipstick and when you see her in it you will understand why. She takes anything and makes it a great fit.


I haven’t met her yet but her smile is really welcoming and I hope I do someday. Her website gives us a little more insight to the life of this mysterious goddess – a portfolio of style, originality and creativity.

The 28 year old with determination and hard work has pushed boundaries and is a household name to all fashion lovers and brands. She has worked with Mina Evans and Christie Brown to mention a few. She has modeled for designers like myth house and her skills are impeccable. She knows her style and she wears it well.

As if one beautiful fashion goddess is not enough, enters Hayet. Afua’s younger sister, Hayet Rida is also a stylist, planner, photographer and artist. She was a chubby kid growing up in Ghana and she had a surgery which pushed her to lose some weight, then she felt she should lose a little more and she did. Such determination. She put her dieting and weight loss plan on her instagram and we rallied behind her.

She has featured on CNN ireport talking on her journey to weight loss and she is all for eating healthy  and has organized some women to pursue good health. Her website, gives you a sense of her personal style. She may be plus sized but that does not stop her from looking fabulous. Hayet also has beautiful hair with a more rounded face.

She is a an inspiration to all women who may need to shed a little to live longer and she isn’t afraid to share how she dealt with her hard years. I love this woman because she isn’t a copycat of her sister but an entirely different person and is beautiful being herself. Her honesty and originality her brought her thus far.

Originality is a definite differentiator in the almost crowded fashion industry in Ghana and around the globe as well. Provide a unique product, service or make it your identity. Fashion lovers love originality. Celebrities love originality, and style. We all love originality and style and that’s what the Ridas have used to distinguish themselves as fashion powerhouses in the West African country, and beyond.


Share designs, ideas and possibly, fitting of clients online to involve the general public in your road to success and it will open doors of opportunity. Facebook, twitter and instagram will be very useful, yet less costly means.

To the awkwardly tall and the one who needs to keep herself in shape, I cannot begin to compare the two and call one better – they are beautiful women with inspiring stories. Reading their 2014 feature on loveinwords blog on that shows how different, real and supportive they are off each other, their strong belief in God and how far they have come as individuals.

The Rida Sisters are definitely Ghana’s Fashion couple in this generation.


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