Good communication is the top skill HR managers value


Wondering what exactly HR managers look out for in job candidates? And which of them they value most? A sweeping survey of workers and HR pros conducted by Research company Future Workplace, in conjunction with career network Beyond, found that HR managers believed good communication to be the top skill they value, followed by the ability to adapt to new situations or challenges and having a goal-oriented outlook. Accordingly, job-seekers might want to refine and finesse their interpersonal skills and delivery.

Some job seekers make the mistake of thinking that the job or jobs they apply for are not customer-facing roles and as such, they do not find good reasons why they should invest in their communication skills. No matter what kind of job you’re applying for, it is important to have very good communication skills. Even at back office, you communicate constantly with people at work, via mail and through interpersonal interactions.

Communication is key in the corporate world, and it is not surprising that HR managers put it at the top of the requirements. I know people who believe that their careers have stifled because they are poor communicators and others who have seen tremendous advancement because they are good communicators.

Whether you are an active job-seeker or a passive one, it is imperative to constantly improve your communication and interpersonal skills, for career advancement.

Good communication skills is not only required in the corporate world, it is necessary in almost every aspect of life. You’ll need it everywhere you find yourself in life.

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