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How to Make Money This Christmas and Other Festive Seasons

How to make money this christmas


How to Make Money This Christmas and Other Festive Seasons

Demand for certain products and services usually soar during the Christmas periods and the days immediately before and after the festive season. It’s also a time to take advantage of the spending habits of households and make money. Here’s how to make money with these business opportunities, in a short period, and make money this Christmas and every other festive season.

Sell or Distribute Drinks

Seasonally, demand for drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) is usually high during festive periods such as Christmas. Households save towards this day, when they come together for merry making. At such gatherings, bottles and cans of drinks are always present and in unusually high quantities. Families begin to stock up days before Christmas day. Buy and sell drinks either as a retailer or a wholesaler. You’ll likely receive the discounts that abound during Christmas, if you trade in large quantities.

Tour & Vacation Planning

Families, groups and individuals like to travel for Christmas. Many others also cancel or postpone their trips due to their busy schedules which do not allow them to plan adequately. Here lies the opportunity. Offer to plan the vacations of travelers at a small fee. The abundance of online platforms would help you select a destination, book hotels, and secure flights, all at reasonable costs to the holidaymakers. But first, leverage on social media to advertise your service very well. You can also rely on friends and family to spread the word. Your target should be busy workers, affluent families and other holiday makers as well as first timers. You could also approach corporate institutions to sign up for a group tour.


Christmas is not complete without the food. Wherever you live, there’s a custom food that many prefer during Christmas and other festive seasons. Make arrangements to conveniently and cheaply supply them what they need to prepare their favourite dishes. In many parts of West Africa for instance, rice is often on the menu in many homes and gatherings. If you live in these parts of the world, importing and selling rice and other ingredients at this time of the year is a sure way to pocket enough money.

Toys for Kids and More

Kids enjoy Christmas more than any group of people. This is because they often receive more gifts. Gifts from their parents, older siblings, uncles and aunties and family friends. There lies the opportunity. Buy and sell toys, clothing, confectionery and other items that kids crave for during Christmas and other festive periods.


Events abound during Christmas. Almost every street in the cities experience one event before the festive period fades away. You may not have the budget to fund big events. And you don’t have to. Talk to corporate entities and propose a befitting Christmas event for them. Some would pre-fund it whilst others would want to settle the bills afterwards. In the latter, you can obtain funding from friends, family and even financial institutions if you don’t have the funds to organize such an event. Mark-ups on event organisation can go as high as 30% depending on which country you find yourself, among other factors.

Whilst you celebrate with Christians the birth of Christ, be mindful also of the opportunities that come with it.

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