If You Believe in Your Idea, Invest yourself in it


Almost every day I meet someone who has one idea that seem to excite him or her, so much that they end up talking about it the whole time. Yeah, they talk about it the next time we meet, and the next.

Business ideas, I believe are in abundance –so much so that we cannot pursue all with the resources available, even if all are profitable. So I say, having a brilliant idea is not enough. Rarely do people receive funding for ideas, compared to those who receive funding for a business they have started.

Idea is not Enough

No matter how brilliant your idea, you have to take steps to actualize or materialize them. Else, they remain one of those beautiful thoughts in your mind that gradually evaporated. What I often do not understand when people I meet talk to me about their brilliant idea is, why they have not pursued it all this while –if it’s as brilliant as they believe. There are people who even dive into the figures with you, tell you about the smart marketing plan, and how to beat the competition with their brilliant idea.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s the simplest litmus test in most cases: put your money where your mouth is. If you believe your brilliant idea is as solid as you say, and the figures look as good as you portray, then invest in it –yourself. It is one of the many ways to reap the benefits of that brilliant idea sitting in your mind.

Some ideas do not even require huge capital outlay. Most of the time, they are within our financial resources but there’s simply this inertia. One that, often when I ask people why they have not invested in the brilliant idea all this while, they have no response or simply try to go round and round the question without any tangible reason. How I see it is that, the idea is good but only good enough to remain on paper or in their minds but not enough to commit part of their limited financial resources to.

Why Shift the Burden to Others

Often, people with ideas ask for help with the implementation of their idea. They expect another person to come and carry them through the setting up of the business, thereby shifting all risk unto the other party, but yet, seeking to be a beneficiary (an equity stake) of the business. To this group of idea entrepreneurs, the idea alone is enough for an equity stake in a business to which they have contributed no other resources. Such partnerships are hard to come by, I must say.


There are many, many people walking the surface of the planet with very brilliant ideas –those that could blossom into billion dollar business empires. But those who have ever built a million dollar business are not those who conceived an idea and only talked about it with their friends. They are those who backed their talk with the walk. They invested in those ideas that they believed so much in. Some invested money, others invested their time, and others invested both. Some took steps necessary to locate willing partners, despite many failures. If you believe you have a brilliant idea, the next disruption, invest yourself (money, time, effort, assets etc) in it.



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