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Three Alternative Solutions to Firing Workers


Three Alternative Solutions to Firing Workers

The nearest solution an entrepreneur always finds is firing off workers whenever there are problems such as inability to do a certain job, or lack of finances or whatever is related to the employees. However, there could be other solutions. These are three of them

  1. Consider retraining. So a worker is not so good at a job you gave him. Don’t fire him. With a little touch he could be more useful. Which would you prefer? Spending little to retrain a loyal worker or training a new worker to be loyal? If it is cost you are thinking about then you may want to consult the employee on some mutual terms.
  2. Consult the employees.  Are you letting go of your workers because you are unable to pay them or something similar? Ask them first. There may be those who will go away and some who are so loyal that they would like to work with you to find a solution to solve your problem. It will be completely unfair to those people if you were to fire them.
  3. Reshufflling.  Everyone must have applied with a specific duty or experience but when it becomes critical you may want to reconsider their positions. Someone with managerial experience may not be doing a good job and someone with secretarial duty may be doing way better. You may want to switch positions. But be careful of how you do it so that you don’t lose one of them. You might want to convince them using sincere excuses.

What is the possibility that sacking your employees will resolve the problem completely? It may even be the beginning of your woes.

By: Nana Afoa Selorm

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