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Ladies spend GHc300 on make-up, only to wash it off in hours.


Ladies spend GHc300 on make-up, only to wash it off in hours.

In Ghana, a lady could spend GHc300 on facial make-up just to show up gorgeous at an event or a meeting. If you are not ready to do this yourself in front of your mirror at home, then you may have to rely on the services of a professional make-up artist.

Facial make-up has become trendy in Ghana, a practice which was originally engaged in by celebrities and rich folks. People have become mindful of their appearance, as this represents so many things that words cannot describe. They realize the benefits of looking fabulous and are therefore investing in the basic as well as the advance tools and materials that make them look good.

Ladies especially, are investing more in facial make-ups than men. It can cost as low as GHc50 to wear an everyday make-up, but when you’re turning up for a public event or gathering, you want to turn it up a little. That’s when you call on a professional. Professionals charge between GHc100 to as high as GHc1,000 to dutifully apply the facial materials and give you a deserving look –  a memorable one you’d wish to keep forever. But no!

The make-ups are bound to be washed off in no time. Weddings, birthday celebrations and other wonderful occasions easily attract professional make-up services beyond GHc300 in Ghana. They wash them off before going to bed. They are not your second-skin. It’s only a temporal skin coat. Inasmuch as it may appear to be a wasteful spending, you’ll think twice when you find out the enormous benefits of looking good.

First impressions are important. Beauty is a large part of this first impression. Whether it’s fair or unfair, naturally we judge people within seconds based on their appearance, even before they open their mouths to say the first word. Hence, a justified use of GHc300 on facial make-ups.

My interactions with ladies who use make-up regularly revealed very justifiable reasons for spending so much on the application of these facial aesthetics. Women told me that it boosts their confidence when they know that they are carrying spotless and attractive faces around. The confidence urges them to perform well at work, and sends a general feeling of happiness within them.

The daily morning make-ups for work and lectures isn’t too expensive and the impact justifies the cost.

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