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Learn How to Make Money With Your Smartphone

how to make money with your smartphone


Learn How to Make Money With Your Smartphone

Smartphones have been with us for about a decade now. The benefits of smartphones are beyond measure. It has become a part of us, to an extent that many cannot live without it. It’s the first thing many reach out for when they wake up, and the last thing they touch before falling sleep. However, if you’re yet to learn how to make money with your smartphone, then this article if for you.

Smartphones do not only assist us communicate and work effectively; they can also be used as money making tools in our hands. Here are opportunities to make money with your smartphone.

Complete Surveys

Simply providing responses to survey questions on your phone can make you money. Several survey conductors pay you money for partaking in their surveys. Register and start answering.

You may consider these survey sites : SwagbucksToluna, Vivatic, OnePoll, MySurveySurveyBods, Valued Opinions, The Opinion Panel, YouGov, PopulusLiveGlobal Test Market, Pinecone, IPSOS, Hiving, PanelBaseMintVine, Opinion Outpost, Mingle, Harris PollMind Mover, New Vista, iPoll.

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Push Trends on Social Media

You may be aware of how people are able to cause a topic (hashtag) to trend quickly on Twitter and other social media platforms, but you may be unaware of the people behind a topic or hashtag trending. Contact a media agency and be part of the teeming social media fanatics making money with every tweet.


Many lottery houses and betting websites leverage on smartphones and ordinary mobile phones to reach get the lottery or betting closer to you. It’s an opportunity to download their apps and try them.

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Become a Social Media Icon

Choose a niche that interests you. Make yourself visible and louder. Consistent and honest posts will draw you many followers. With time, you become an icon or an authority. Then you can monetize your fame on social media. Brands which are ready to associate with you would also be willing to spend money for your online brand too. All these you can do with just a smartphone in hand.

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There are many more ways to make money with your smartphone right in your hand. I’ll discuss other ways in my next post.



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