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My Life-Changing Advice from a Professional in My Line of Work


My Life-Changing Advice from a Professional in My Line of Work

I will define a professional as a knowledgeable person with a good understanding of how to behave in all situations. I think a professional is much more than an experienced person or just a knowledgeable person. However with much experience you can become a professional. I am in a space where I want to be a professional, but I want this with far less experience. This is pushing my parrot mouth to operate less unless I have questions, my elf ears to listen more than just hear and my ‘Chinese-looking’ eyes to stay open to observe.

I had an opportunity to be spoken to by a senior professional in the line of work I hope to pursue in a year or two and I am again going to share.

  1. Professional Appearance

The first professional thing about you should be your appearance. The kind of clothes you pick out for work will create the first impression anyone will have about you. Office skirts should not be unnecessarily short. Shirts should be well pressed. Trousers shouldn’t be oversized and not too tiny. Shoes should be well polished or cleaned. Hair must be combed or organized in a befitting manner.

Dress how you want to be addressed, if you want to be taken seriously then put all your style and love for fashion in a suitable manner for the job. Not all hairstyles are for work so know the difference and preferably reduce the colored hair. How else would people trust you with work?

  1. Language

A professional must speak clearly to the understanding of whoever they are addressing. The ideas in your head will remain yours and will be seeds until you start working them. You will need others to contribute in germinating and harvesting because no man is an island. Speak respectfully and communicate clearly. Listen attentively and ask all relevant questions. Gestures are equally important. They must be modest, yet show confidence and mastery in your field. Non-verbal communication can often be louder than words. Your language is the window to your mind so mind your language. Face and hair grooming experts like Meegah’s Makeover are coaches who can help you look good.

  1. Attitude

Knowing how to act in each situation you are faced with is a fundamental trait of professionals across all fields of work. At the workplace, attitude is everything. In dealing with different types of people you may have to learn to ignore a lot –those which are not necessary. Ignore sarcastic comments and flush out negative remarks each day otherwise you will be bitter at work and hold unnecessary grudges. Work hard, work smart and volunteer when you can, to work for free.

  1. Knowledge

Knowledge is the power every professional holds. The most important thing to truly make one a professional is the amount of knowledge. As a professional, it is important to read on everything related to your field and even things unrelated. Knowledge is however useless without direction. Know how to apply all the knowledge you acquire and be ready to learn new skills.

Starting out in life is not easy but perseverance will always win. Learn the roles you need to accept and walk the fine line with a few creative edges. A professional will always stand out.

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1 Comment

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