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List of Profitable Business Ideas To Venture in Ghana

profitables ideas in Ghana


List of Profitable Business Ideas To Venture in Ghana

  1. Blogging (Internet Business)

    This is first on my list of the profitable business ideas I want to talk about. Blogging is not for everyone. But if it may be for you, just like any other internet business, I urge you to go into it. Comparing the Ghanaian cedi to the dollar which is increasing on a daily basis you can make a lot of profit from Google AdSense. If the dollar is now 4.6 cedis as at the time of writing this article, any amount you make in dollars is four times your currency.
    You determine how much you make by how smart and hard you work. This is seriously a very rewarding business. Startup capital required: Low.

  2. Banking

    Banking is a very profitable business anywhere in the world including Ghana. I strongly believe that the banking system is making more than enough from the entire human race. Check out how banks create money from this link. It requires a lot of investment but it pays off in the end. Usually, it is best to start in the small towns and villages. Startup capital required: High.

  3. Agriculture

    Agriculture is wrongly practiced and perceived by most Ghanaians. We have been made to believe from childhood that farming is for poor people. This is because, a majority of the farmers in the country practice peasant farming – farming to feed their family only. Meanwhile farming when done on a large scale with the right methods can bring more profits than you can expect. Don’t forget that the more you invest in a particular business, the higher the profit margin. If you have the interest in farming, I’d advise that you pursue it, and on a large scale be it plantation, poultry, livestock, vegetable or fish farming. Startup capital required: Medium to High.

  4. Education

    Starting your own school may be quite difficult but a good step to financial freedom. This business is more of having a solid brand, providing quality service, and having a good management skill set. If you can really look after people’s kids well, I can assure you that you’d go into this and succeed. Though the beginning may be a bit difficult if you lack some startup capital, I still urge you to start. You can do it. I believe that there is no mountain so big for man. Whatever you dream of, you can accomplish it. Startup capital required: Medium.

All the businesses I’m listing here may be difficult to start, especially for low, and middle-income people, but you know what? If you can take the risk to start something that is difficult, the benefits that will come out of it can change your life forever.

I wouldn’t add cheap businesses like selling of credit cards and stuff like that to my list because though you may make profits, you end up locking yourself in a specific scope of profit that may never increase just like working for the government or for other people. In choosing the profitable business ideas, go for one that can get you exponential income from time to time.

That means your profit graph will always be moving upwards instead of stagnating.

This part of the article talks about the qualities you need to start a business and four of the 9 business ideas. Read the next part of our profitable business ideas. See you there.

5. Priesthood

This is more of a calling than a regular profession or business. If you’re into it or yet to go into it, you should know that it is your business, not to make lots of profits from innocent children of God, but to brand yourself for the financial freedom God has promised you. Almost everybody goes to church in Ghana. Most people wonder if priesthood is a call, vocation, profession, or pastor

That is just like saying almost everybody uses one particular phone network. If each of us is to pay 10 percent of our salary each month, imagine the amount of money that comes to the church if there are 100 people in your church and each one earns at least 1000 cedis. Do the Maths! Not to talk about other offerings and contributions aside from the tithes. The church doesn’t pay tax too. This is not to enrich the pastor as we all rightly know, but then, the man of God should not go hungry. It is written in the good book. So if you are a pastor still poor, start rethinking about your business. Startup capital required: Low.

6. Acting

Any business that makes you known or popular worldwide is a profitable business and you don’t need to joke with it. Such businesses come with personal branding, the better you brand yourself, the more money you make. This is because the whole world sees your art hence more people can relate. You need to learn more about the benefits of personal branding to really understand what I’m saying here. To be very profitable in acting, you need to have a vision of going international instead of locally entertaining the people in your locality without thinking outside the box. Build more positive connections and see yourself soaring higher. Startup capital required: Low.

7. Music

musician businessmanMusicians just like actors make more money if they are able to go beyond the borders of their countries. Anybody can sing, even you. The most important thing is the creativity and getting the right beat to go with it. Startup capital required: Low to Medium.

8. Real Estates

This is where the Donald J. Trumps come in. The real estate business is crazy. If you have some good startup capital and want to make more and secure your financial life forever, don’t dull; go into real estate management. The rate at which lands and houses are increasing in value should tell how profitable real estate business is and will be in the years to come. Startup capital required: High.

9. General Trading / Selling

The last on the list of profitable business ideas in Ghana is trading. Selling can be anything at all from cars, building materials to shoes. Whatever you want to sell, make sure you do it in a completely unique way, as well as know your target market or customers. Don’t forget to put your items online. Most people are able to sell their products easier and faster because aside selling at their physical stores, they put their products online. You can have an online store for yourself and sell your items. Startup capital required: Low to Medium.

Check this out: How to Make Money Online in Ghana.

You Can Be Successful in Any Business at All

With any business idea you want to pursue, it is very much necessary to do some research. Your research may include contacting people who have been in that particular business before. This would give you a foreknowledge of what you really want to do.

These are my favorite businesses that I think each Ghanian should at least invest their time and money into and will not fail them.

There are no statistics in Ghana as to which is the best in terms of profit margin or otherwise but then if you really believe in something, go for it.

And just as the Holy Bible says, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.

One good thing about people like you is that the moment you make up your mind to involve yourself into a particular business without giving up, there is an aura of blessing that hovers around you to make you win; no matter how difficult it is. Once you never give up, you’ll definitely win. No matter what.

If probably none of the businesses I’ve listed here doesn’t fall within your interest. I challenge you to start something today: something that your passion is calling you to do. It can be anything at all. You must win.

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