Luxury is for those who Spend Money

How to spend money
How to spend money

It is a belief that everyone with big businesses and earning millions is living in luxury. They are rich; no two ways about that but does that mean that they are living a luxurious life?

Luxury is not defined by owning a big business with big cash in your account. Now, luxury is for those who spend. Luxury is defined by how one is able to exploit gains. If not, then that person is just an object with large figures.

This has nothing to do with savings. It is about shear desire to have a large tag on about how much is or is not earned. The bottom line of all hard work and earnings is to live a luxurious life. Isn’t that what most of us desire?

This does not mean unnecessary expenses. This does not mean flaunting wealth either. Spending just to get attention is not luxury. Attaining things that you totally do not need is also not luxury. There is a big difference between excess expenditure and luxury.

Simply put, are you able to live at a certain level or standard because of how much you are able to allocate your gains to satisfy certain needs to the maximum?

That is what I call luxury.

By: Nana Afoa Selorm.


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