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Here’s How to Make Money with Freelance Jobs Online

Freelance Jobs online


Here’s How to Make Money with Freelance Jobs Online

Three decades gone and you are yet to make a dollar from the internet. It’s never too late to make money from the internet. Actually, the avenues are many but in this article, I’ll show you how and where to get freelance jobs online make money online.

There are a growing number of online job portals focusing on freelance, project and contract work. Some cover a wide range of industries; others are industry-specific. In addition to searching their jobs, you can create a profile and define the freelance services you can offer. That way, interested employers can contact you.

Whether you’re a programmer, designer, expert, college student, marketer or something in between, there’s a freelance platform for you. Here are 12 sites to go to:

  1. Toptal

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers and designers in the world.
Top companies rely on Toptal freelancers for their most important projects. Toptal is for seasoned, talented freelancers in the tech-field (programmers, UI and UX designers, etc). Passing Toptal’s screening process gives you unparalleled access to meaningful projects with great clients (Emirates, Hewlett Packard, Pfizer, JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, etc.) and fair compensation (no low-bid contests). You’ll also be able to join the Toptal community for frequent meetups and tech events. Opportunities on Toptal are largely tech-based.

2.     Upwork

Upwork is one of the most trusted online brands to find or become freelance. With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork offers something for every type of freelancer. It accommodates both short- and long-term projects, hourly or per-project work and expert-level and entry-level engagements. It cuts across diverse professions, thereby making the best platform I know in the freelance field. Regardless of where you are in your career, Upwork is likely to have something for you.

Top Businesses like Dropbox, Airbnb, Juniper Networks, Zendesk are among the many brands hiring on Upwork.

Sign up and join the millions making money online through freelance jobs.

  1. Guru

The site has 1.5million members worldwide and has reportedly paid $200 million to gurus, and completed 1million posted jobs. Guru is another big player in the freelance space. Guru lists opportunities in over numerous professional categories including Web, Software & IT; Design, Art & Multimedia, Writing and Translation, Admin Support, Management & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Architecture, Legal. Like Elance, handles payments for you and provides a suite of tools that make the administrative side of freelancing easier to manage. Click here to join now.

4.     99designs

With over 300,000 happy customers, 99designs is one of the powerful names out there for designers who want to make a living in the world of art and marketing. As platform for freelance designers, 99designs lets you compete in design contests and get feedback as clients choose the best ones. It’s a great way for talented designers to prove their talents, while making money. If you are interested then click here to become a designer on 99designs.

  1. Elance

Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of works are listed here including graphic design, programming, web development, , marketing, writing, administrative jobs and research. handles the payments for your projects. Elance is an Upwork Company. Sign up to join the Elance community.

6.     Freelancer

A platform used by millions of small business to turn their ideas into reality. This is where you come in to offer your skills and services –for a fee. Unlike most other platforms, in addition to offering millions of projects, Freelancer allows you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your skills. If you’re competitive and confident in your expertise, it’s a great way to showcase your abilities and attract more clients. Sign up here and begin to make money online through freelance jobs.

7.     Peopleperhour

A good platform, focusing on freelancing for web projects. For design, development, content and promotion of websites, Peopleperhour promises to bring the two sides of the market together at one place. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, digital media experts, etc., peopleperhour is definitely worth checking out. Do what you love doing and see how you make money. Sign up here.

  1. GetACoder

GetACoder is also for freelance writers, web designers and programmers — exactly what small businesses need to get a website idea off the ground. GetACoder offers millions of smaller-scale projects to choose from. Here is where you want to start from if you are a coder. GetACoder is therefore a good avenue for freelance jobs computer programming and related jobs.

  1. Behance

Behance is an online marketplace where artists and creative minds (photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.) can showcase their work and search for part-time jobs and freelance opportunities. It is a simple way to make money online as a creative artist.

10.  iFreelance

iFreelance is the middleman who takes away the middleman.  This may perhaps be what you’re looking for: iFreelance lets you keep 100 percent of your earnings, unlike other sites that hold a percentage of the amount paid by the hiring company. This platform accommodates most of the usual suspects of the freelancing world (writers, consultants, designers, editors, coders, etc.) but also features freelance marketers as well. Sign up here to begin finding work.

11.  SimplyHired

SimplyHired has a wider range than most other freelance platforms offer, SimplyHired is suitable for everyone; from salespeople to construction workers. It’s an online platform that allows you to get jobs both online and offline by giving you access to a big portfolio of posted jobs. It has a blog with hiring tips, a company directory and location-based search.

12.  Project4hire

Project4hire is a Freelance Marketplace that connects hiring clients with freelance programmers, web designers, graphic artists, IT specialists, translators, writers, virtual assistants, HR consultants, bookkeepers, paralegals, and other contractors.

The website makes it easy to identify jobs that suit your skills without scanning through large volumes of posts. Project4hire has jobs in the categories of Accounting & Finance, Business, HR & Legal, Data Entry & Admin, Design & Multimedia, Engineering & Science, IT, Software & Programming, Languages & Translation, Mobile & Tablet Apps, Sales & Marketing, Web Design & Development, Writing & Content among others. It’s great for tech guys, consultants, designers and more. And remember, you get paid doing these freelance jobs.

Come January  i will be starting my membership club where i go deep into other methods of generating income from the internet and making use of digital marketing. Registered members will have first information into such jobs and how to go about it.

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      Thank you

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