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My Encounter With the Receptionist

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My Encounter With the Receptionist

I walked into my brother-in-law’s firm one hot afternoon to run an errand for my sister only to be met at the front desk by a high and mighty receptionist.

She peered at me through her oval shaped spectacles as I walked toward the front desk. Her sharp eyes cut through the air with no regard for personal space defiling my sense of dignity.

“Can I help you?” she said in a condescending tone, chewing on a piece of gum and making unnecessary noises.

Her peach silk shirt hugging her dark melanin skin made her breasts look like they wanted to pop out. She looked irked. I had interrupted her very “important” work on the desktop. My nasal cavity was struggling with her strong masculine cologne.

“Atschoo” I brought out my handkerchief to help myself.

Immediately she pulled back, rolled her eyes and went back to her screen. Then I saw, she was “facebooking”.

“Sorry” I apologized and went back to sit in the waiting area. I picked up my mobile phone and called my brother in- law. Her phone rang almost immediately. After a couple of “yes sirs” she called out my full name escorted me to his office.

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My Advice to Receptionists

Sitting behind a front desk does not in any way give you the audacity to belittle anyone. The job of a receptionist is to receive people irrespective of status or purpose.

They represent their company and if you have a terrible receptionist, you will most likely lose a lot of business.

  1. A receptionist should look presentable. Head to toe they should look honorable. Wear a fitting enough dress but not dressed like they are ready to trade their “goods”
  2. Facial expressions are everything behind the front desk. No matter how unpleasant the person before you seems, smile and pretend that you are nice even if you are not.
  3. Mind your language. Your words carry more weight than you think. A word spoken aptly would refresh a soul. If you talk to people (both customers and other workers) with respect you will be given more than just receiving people to do. If you doubt ask Jeremie of Live 91.9 fm how she started out on radio.
  4. Provide only necessary information to customers. Don’t sell out your boss by talking too much about happenings at work with consumers.
  5. Be attentive. Watch who comes and goes by the second and take details properly. It is your job to know everything happening around you and report appropriately.

Turn people away when they have stated name or purpose and your superiors have asked you to. Even so, you must do this respectfully. Call security when people are causing ruckus.

Jobs in Ghana must be taken seriously else in no time, you lose it to another person. High unemployment levels is forcing many to look for jobs in Ghana and so when you land jobs in Ghana, my advice is you treat it with all the respect and excellence, no matter how low or high it ranks.


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