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Part-Time Jobs you can do during your National Service


Part-Time Jobs you can do during your National Service

So people want to know what small-scale businesses they can start after graduation, when they take their first step in the corporate world as national service personnel. Here are some jobs or businesses you can run on part-time basis, if you’re one of those service personnel or prospective service personnel, or you’re still school.


You can write posts for blogs or articles for newspapers for a fee. I must remind you that blogs would pay for your articles if they are unique, educative or informative and generally of high quality. You can choose one area where you’re good and submit a few to a reputable blog for free.

If they are interested, then you place a fee on your articles. You may not be able to charge as high as experienced writers who have built and earned powerful reputations of the years. Remember you’re only a beginner now. The more you write the more money you make.

Sell to your Co-workers

If you find yourself in a ‘relaxed’ working environment, you can take advantage of that to initiate some off-site commercial activity with your co-workers. For example, you can sell them shoes, suits, ties, phones and in some cases, deliver them breakfast at a cost. Your margins must be competitive though.

Document your Experiences

Experiences gained during your national service period could be documented into a small book and sold online for prospective service personnel as a guide to their first year in the corporate world. Talk about your good and exciting experiences, the anxieties, your goofs, your faux pas, relationships initiated, collapsed friendships as a result of your busy schedules, and many more.

You’ll be surprised the interest that it would arouse if you properly market the book. And you don’t need to print hard copies if you don’t have the funds. Just sell it online. Experts Like Kwabena Okyire Appianing can help you do that

Your Energy is your Advantage

As a fresh graduate, your older colleagues at work would expect higher levels of energy and sharpness. And yes you can. This sharpness and energy can become a powerful personal asset that colleagues can tap in. For many of them who have other businesses they do on weekends, you’ll come to mind and they’ll surely make you an offer. Many more will recommend you for other part-time jobs.

Monetize your Skills and Hobbies

There’s definitely something you know how to do that not many can do. People often consider them as hobbies, but many people have ridden their hobbies into riches and have built viable businesses around them. Sewing, make-ups, movies, painting, shopping, weaving, sports, cooking and many others can be monetized, rather than just treating them as hobbies.

Make some money while you’re at your hobbies. Start by telling your co-workers what you can do and sell them a service related to it. For instance If you love doing make-ups and you’re good at it, you can do make-ups for them at a fee for occasions like weddings.

[junkie-alert style=”grey”] I have met many national service personnel who complain that their allowance is very small, even though they perform the same or similar tasks at work as their senior colleagues. It’s just a 9 to 12 month period that will soon pass. But you can as well seize the opportunity and increase your earnings, rather than waiting for the period to pass quietly so you can jump onto the regular pay scheme. [/junkie-alert]

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