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Picking the Perfect Wallet That Will Last

Picking the perfect wallet that will last long


Picking the Perfect Wallet That Will Last

First written about in Ancient Greece, the item known as the wallet has transformed dramatically from its humble beginnings to the present-day version. Traditionally, a wallet referred to any sack that was filled with daily necessities, such as food, money, and tackle. During ancient times people had to travel far distances, and that made the wallet a necessary accessory to aid in travel. The traditional wallet was more purse-like in appearance, rather than looking like the wallets of today.

Modern wallets are defined as small, flat cases that are used to carry items, such as:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Driver’s licenses and other identification cards
  • Club cards
  • Business cards
  • Photographs

Wallets are generally foldable, pocket-sized, and made out of leather or some type of fabric material. Sizes and shapes vary for wallets intended for women and wallets intended for men. Men generally tend to carry their wallets in their pockets, which makes pocket-sized wallets very convenient. Women, on the other hand, generally opt to carry their wallets in their purses.

Considering the importance a wallet has in modern-day society, it is important to make the right decision when purchasing a wallet. Making a wise choice right from the start increases the lifespan of a wallet and reduces the risk of frequent repurchasing, and that can save buyers a lot of money over the years.

Picking the Perfect Wallet That Will Last

Several decisions have to be made before determining what type of wallet to buy. First of all, is the intended wallet for a man or a woman? Generally speaking, wallets for men tend to be square-shaped, pocket-sized, and either bi – fold or tri – fold. Women’s wallets tend to be rectangular in shape and larger than men’s wallets, and they usually have snap or magnetic closures. Many trendsetters today break this old rule of thumb by carrying wallets that differ from what is traditionally considered to be male and female wallet styles, which has led to the creation of a category for unisex styles. This allows more freedom of choice for many people who are in market for a new wallet.


The next step is to figure out the desired material of the wallet. The material itself is often overlooked. Men tend to just buy one that feels good, while women tend to buy one that looks good. While these may be important factors to consider when choosing a wallet, the most important factor is durability. It is important to remember that wallets are expected to protect some of a person’s most valuable items. These are items that are not easily replaced. With that type of job responsibility, wallets need to be given due consideration before purchasing.

The materials available for wallets today vary greatly in durability, look, price, and function. The chart below helps buyers evaluate the pros and cons of some of the different materials, so that they can more easily zero in on the best options for increasing the lifespan of their wallets.



Price Range


Leather Excellent Expensive Long-wearing (except in wet conditions)
Nylon Good Moderate Good for sports/wet conditions
Vinyl Good Moderate Good for sports/wet conditions
Fabric Fair Moderate Trendy, stylish fabric choices

Generally, leather wallets tend to be in a higher price range, but they outlast most other materials that are available on the market. Some fabric and other types of wallet materials sometimes reach high price ranges, as well, especially when it comes to designer wallets. When purchasing a high-priced designer wallet, it is important to look at the quality of the material and craftsmanship to determine if the wallet will last long enough to justify the price.

The lifestyle of the person using a particular wallet often determines if a wallet is best for that person. Some people who are very active or who work in moist, humid environments may benefit from purchasing nylon or vinyl wallets, as opposed to leather wallets. Leather wallets may be a less economical choice in those situations because moisture is not a friend to leather. Choosing the wrong material can shorten the expected life of the wallet, and that might make it necessary to purchase another wallet sooner than expected.

Size and shape of the wallet are also important things to consider. Square wallets are generally smaller and more compact, whereas rectangular wallets are larger and more cumbersome. If a wallet is carried in a pocket and holds cash, cards, and identification, then a square wallet is probably going to be the best choice. A rectangular wallet is generally too large to comfortably be carried in a pocket. However, if a checkbook is carried inside a wallet, then a rectangular wallet has to be used.

If a wallet is carried inside a purse or a bag, then the size and shape are not as crucial, but it is important to determine the size of the purse or bag intended to carry the wallet to ensure a proper fit. If thought is not given to how a wallet is used, then the purchased wallet could be impractical, and this could lead to another wallet purchase in a short amount of time.

When considering shape, it is important to think about what is carried inside the wallet, as well. For square wallets, bi – fold wallets typically have more compartments than tri – fold wallets, which makes them a popular choice for those who carry a lot of cards. Bi-fold wallets also generally have coin slots, and they sometimes even have slots to keep keys. In addition, a bi-fold wallet is typically slimmer when closed than the more cumbersome tri-fold wallet.

What to Check for When Purchasing a New Wallet

Once the size, shape, and material selections have been determined to fit the needs of the person who will be using the wallet, there are a few more things to consider. It is of great importance to remember to make sure that the card slots in the wallet are tight enough to keep cards and identification from slipping out, but not so snug that they are almost impossible to remove.

It is also important to check with the manufacturer to determine the care for the wallet in order to prolong the life and functionality of the wallet for long-term use. Some wallets require very little care, other than wiping them down from time to time. However, other wallets, such as leather wallets, may last a lifetime if leather conditioner is applied often.


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