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The Simple Tricks That Can Make You a Billionaire in 9 Years

how to become a billionaire


The Simple Tricks That Can Make You a Billionaire in 9 Years

Starting a business is not a joke. But no matter how tough things get, don’t give up on your pursuit. Keep your eye on the bigger picture and don’t settle for less when you can have it all with just a little more hard work. And that’s how you become a billionaire.

Hard work, smart work, perseverance, determination, being punctual and sincere to yourself.
It takes less than 5 minutes to learn these words and its meaning. But it is tough to follow in reality, and that is the challenge. Commitment to the right products and strategy is what makes billionaires.

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If you want to become a billionaire in 9 years; if you want to turn your business around and turn it into a multi-million one then stop thinking and start implementing. Believe that whatever you are planning is doable and discipline yourself to use your time wisely so that you don’t miss your opportunities. Be sincere to yourself

Use a lean approach to grow your business with a good traction approach. Grow your business with venture capital funds.

Take good advantage of social media for advertisements. It is very important to set up the ads correctly to address the proper demographics, age and interests. Research shows that adverts give you around a 4 % success over a hundred views.

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Own the market and you can make your billions. By owning the market I mean you can focus on a trend that is not well understood and make them understandable.

If you want to be successful you must surround yourself with positive and like-minded people that will keep you on your toes. Those are the people who will set you straight and brainstorm with you.

Save more but invest the most. Don’t just invest, make wise investments. And the best investment to make your billions is investing in a product that “travels”. “Think global and act global”. A good example is Warren Buffet who invested in Coca-Cola and ketchup because people across the globe want to consume both. That’s how you become a billionaire.

You can learn it as soon as you read it or you may spend the rest of your life trying to do it!

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