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Standing out among other Job seekers


Standing out among other Job seekers

The competition for jobs is keen and gets even keener each day. To get a good job you have to stand out among the pool of jobseekers. Being ordinary will keep you home. Being ordinary will not attract the attention of hiring firms. You’ve got to distinguish yourself as the piece needed, but how? Here are a few tips

Get a good CV

Get yourself a very good CV. Learn how to write a CV that gets you the job. You need a good CV that catches the attention of recruiters. Only then do you have a chance of getting the job.

Go beyond academics

Being ordinary isn’t good enough. Having a degree from ordinary educational institutions isn’t good enough. This is because so many people have that too. To stand out among the crowd you need something that the rest don’t have. Show some leadership skills and experience. Prove that beyond the excellent academic performance, you are able to DO something beneficial for yourself and organisations you have been part of in the past.

Show determination

Many sports coaches would choose zeal over talent. Sir Alex Fergusson did. Many HRs as well would choose zeal over talent. Businesses and non-business organisations want workers who are passionate and zealous. The right level of zeal, with good coaching always turns out productive. This is what hiring firms look out for.

Be honest

Be honest. Be honest in all your submissions when looking for a job. It gets desperate at times, when you look for jobs for several months, sometimes years, and do not get one. Many have been tempted to paint a false picture of themselves in an attempt to get a good job. They bloat their abilities, write skills and experience they don’t have on their CVs, and sometimes tell a lie at interviews. Honesty is good. It makes you stand out among the other candidates. HRs are able to easily determine when you are honest or not.

Brand yourself

You must build a professional brand for yourself. Decide how you would want to be known in the corporate world and work towards it. For example, if you want to be known as a creative designer for a particular industry, you must use all possible means to project yourself in that manner.  Fortunately there are several platforms available for you to market yourself as such. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Quora are some online platforms that help you to build an image for yourself inexpensively. You can look for physical avenues such as conferences and other gatherings that bring players in your chosen career together for beneficial discussions and networking.



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