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Stepping Onto The Corporate Scene: My First Commandments


Stepping Onto The Corporate Scene: My First Commandments

 After a long and boring wait the national service started. I was asked to come for orientation at the place where I was posted to serve. I showed up with no expectations because I hate disappointments. I did leave with a few guiding principles I will share with you.

  1. Work as a Team

No matter the job you do, you are a part of a process and hence you must work with your team. You must play your part to ensure the smooth running of whole process to eventually achieve team goals.

Many workers have preceded you at the workplace, and there will be many more when you leave. You can only leave a positive mark when you work as a team and achieve goals.

  1. Be Trustworthy

Can they rely on you to put in your best? National Service is not usually respected because previously the 350 wasn’t always forthcoming. However Service is where you need to show commitment to the task at hand.

You should work efficiently, act honestly, discretely and be able to keep confidential information CONFIDENTIAL.

  1. Be a Business Person


This must be the thing that struck me the most. A business person is one who grows and sustains an enterprise. Make whatever you do your own and have a vested interest.

Yeah, ‘take the work personal’. This may seem silly to some but through it others have broken through.

  1. Be an Ambassador

As long as you are working in a place, you are an unofficial brand ambassador. Anything you do could be used against you or help promote the business. This puts an extra responsibility on your actions, words and reactions. You are expected to carry your brand well. Speak well of the place even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t tell lies though.

Say the positives and keep the rest to yourself.

  1. Grow Through It

No matter how annoying your supervisor may be, there is always a useful lesson to be learnt from them –their invaluable experience. Every bad situation you will face can and will prepare you for the future. There are skills of life you can learn while serving, opportunities to grasp but complaining and complacency will not let you.


So the day of orientation ended rather well for me. I am not sure how this year of service will end but I am positive there will be much growth.

For some it is just service and they want their GHc350 for diverse purposes. Though early days, it clearly appears to me that it can be so much more than that if we condition our minds.

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