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The Future is here, the Future is IT: NIIT, BlueCrest, others leading the way.


The Future is here, the Future is IT: NIIT, BlueCrest, others leading the way.

If you’re waiting for the tabletop ‘waatse’ seller in your neighborhood to start processing orders online before you realize that the future is here and it is digital, then you’d be left out of this world before that time arrives.

The Ghanaian corporate environment has moved from employing people who are just IT literate to those who possess useful skills and a good appreciation of information systems and its impact on business success. A decade ago, the computing skills you needed to get a job in corporate Ghana was an ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel to perform the most basic business functions.

To get into, and stay on top of the corporate world you must possess both skills and appreciation of how the business world is driven by information systems. You must be able to use the wide arms of information technology to boost sales, cut down cost, develop and market brands and products, penetrate new markets, improve efficiency, compete effectively and fairly, innovate, create and support strategy, improve relationships, streamline processes and address customer requests and complaints at very high speed and high level of accuracy.

Education surely plays a big role if you are to be able to use information systems effectively at the business place. Schools like NIIT and BlueCrest college are leading the way by equipping students and workers with the requisite IT/IS skills and knowledge to be able to survive and excel in this digital business era.

Programs offered are skills-based and data-driven rather than a pile of subjects for which you’d be awarded certificates after reading and passing the exams. These programs are business relevant and are especially what corporate Ghana needs to spur growth in the economy. Whilst tertiary education is now offered in almost every corner of Accra, it is important to note the differences in the quality of tuition and the skills required by industry. To become relevant, you need computing skills.

It’s as simple as that. Computing skills has made so many young men and women in Ghana entrepreneurs and some are on their way to building some of the finest businesses in the country. So beyond equipping you with the much sought-after computing skills and proficiency, NIIT, BlueCrest College and a few others are providing you with tools and skills to become entrepreneurs in the digital world. And that is the added advantage you get when you enroll in these institutions.

There are so many businesses whose business is actually built on computing. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Uber, Udemy, Coursera, Jobberman, Flippy campus , Slydepay and Forhey are just a few examples. Many of the world’s biggest businesses are largely leveraged on the power of IT.

Businesses continue to invest heavily in information systems (hardware, software and people) to stay in business, edge competition, innovate, attract and maintain customers and for several other reasons. It is only necessary that there are adequate qualified and skilled personnel to man these jobs. It begins with education – formal or informal.

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