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Unguarded Passion Can Kill Business Start-ups


Unguarded Passion Can Kill Business Start-ups

Passion is an essential ingredient for the success of many startups. It helps you sail through the storm and takes you through the long journey towards business success. However, your passion must be guarded and lodged in the tenets of logic, to derive the best out of it. Unguarded passion is likely to lead your business towards a dangerous path.


Your passion for your business is capable of blindfolding you so you don’t the many pot-holes on the road ahead. You may likely not be prompted by some friends and advisors but your passion lifts you so high that you feel you are a superman that can fly above even the highest mountains. Business risks are real and it is better you identify and manage them rather than ignoring them.

Refusing Advice

Very passionate entrepreneurs are likely not to listen to anyone who brings up any form of caution or negativity about their dream business. Often, these passionate entrepreneurs have everything beautifully planned in their minds and expect it go exactly as envisioned. Nothing will persuade them to take a second look at what they are doing or have planned to do, until they hit a road block.

Poor Judgment

Passion sometimes clouds a person’s judgment. Your ability to make an objective and constructive decisions and recommendations is limited by your strong attachment to your business, product and service. Such entrepreneurs sometimes find themselves arguing passionately for their product with a customer, rather than listening to the customer’s concerns about the product and going back to his factory to improve it.

Overlook Opportunities

Your love for your idea and or business is likely to cause you to overlook better opportunities that come your way. Your energy is all summed up and geared towards your present passion (business), thereby making all other opportunities that come your way not worth pursuing.

Passion is good for business and has many advantages than the few shortcomings stated in this article. However, the key is to guard it and harness its power towards the good of your business, rather than leaving it uncontrolled.



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