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The 4 things you need to take to a Job Interview


The 4 things you need to take to a Job Interview

You check your email and the subject reads “Congratulations you’ve been shortlisted” and the body of the email goes to say that, “you’re hereby invited to come in for an interview…..”

You scream your loudest and jumps around. Then you start thinking of what to wear (perhaps you thinking of that lucky suit)

Morning comes and your mind is filled with rehearsed answers to every potential question from your interviewer, butterflies fill your tummy instead of your regular breakfast – you’re nervous to the core!

Before you step out of the room, you need to ask yourself what you should take along to the interview. You might have prepared but nobody on this planet should go in to an interview empty handed. I repeat NEVER!

1. CV

So what can you take along? Good question! Don’t forget your CV! Your potential interviewer maybe following you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms you can think of. Apart from your personal pictures you post, he or she knows nothing about your professional experience in detail.

Now is the time to present your ever ready CV to your interviewer. It is essential that you carry more than one copy of your CV. Most importantly, make it an effort to know the number on the panel and take enough CVs.



2. Notebook and Pen

Where would you write feedback and salient information from the interview? Going in to an interview with a notebook and pen signals your preparedness and they give you something constructive to do with your hand during the interview.

It also shows your interest in the role, your willingness to learn and importantly showing traits of taking notes/information when you find yourself within the work place. Good interviewers generally give thumbs up to candidates who write down feedback and information they might have missed during their research.

3. Samples of your Work / Portfolio

Depending on the role you are applying for, always make sure you have samples of your work or a portfolio in a neat folder. This can be in the case of being interviewed for advertising, graphic designing positions just to name a few. Use your portfolio to help set yourself apart from other candidates and demonstrate the quality of your work to hiring managers. In short, “show off” your excellent works a little.

4. List of Questions to Ask

Do not be one of the candidates whose names are forgotten as soon as they walk out of the door. Research on the company and your interviewer(s) and come up with a list of questions to ask during or after the interview.  Engage your interviewer in a conversation by asking smart and intelligent questions. Asking questions shows you are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and have interest in the company and the role.

So the next time you are going for that interview, take along copies of your resume, notebook and pen, samples of your work or portfolio and list(s) of questions to ask!!


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