Who is a Businessman? An Often Misused Word.

businessmen in Africa

What is the first picture we get when we think of a businessman? Is it the suit, the tie, the briefcase or where the person works? Well, we are not wrong having such images. However, there are businessmen who don’t doll all up. The appearance just gives the kind of presentation needed to prove that he deserves to be where he is.

A businessman may be an entrepreneur or not. Whatever the case, let me tell you who a businessman is.


A businessman is one who is innovative. He is one who is able to come up things out of the blue. He is creative and is able to influence a group of people into action.


A business man is one who inspires others to do more. He is someone others would like to be. A businessman is one who moves others into action. He inspires, he creates images and he is an image himself.


A businessman is one who respects professionalism. He does not mix business with pleasure though pleasure may be his business. When given a role to perform, his composure and his ability to take on that role makes him a businessman.


A sense of professional may also be defined by presentation. How a businessman dresses and addresses, and behaves proves that the he is able to uphold the name businessman.

In conclusion, a suit, a tie and a briefcase is just one presentation of a businessman but that does not define a businessman. So what are you?

By: Nana Afoa Selorm


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