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To Get your Dream Job, You Can Start With Any Job First.

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To Get your Dream Job, You Can Start With Any Job First.

If your dream job is not knocking at your door, then perhaps you have to go chasing it. But what happens when the door is shut in your face each time? Unemployed job-seekers find it difficult landing their dream job straight away from home. There are reasons for this.

When it comes to the job search, “passive job seekers,” or those who are employed but open to new opportunities, have a better chance of being hired over “active job seekers,” or those who are unemployed and searching for work. Employers value “passive job seekers” than “active job seekers” according to a survey by Future Workplace, a research firm dedicated to rethinking and re-imagining the workplace, and Beyond, the Career Network. The survey also revealed that 80% of HR professionals believe “passive job seekers” become the most effective employees. HR professionals also say the benefits of hiring a “passive job seeker” over an “active” one include:

  1. They have more experience (44%),
  2. They possess valuable skills (44%) and
  3. They take their careers seriously (42%).

However, many job seekers are unaware of this advantage. When asked about who has a better edge in the job market, less than half (47%) of job seekers said “passive job seekers”.

The clue here is to get in first, then you may become a preferred candidate for your dream job. For example, if you’re in Ghana and hope to work for a global financial institution like Standard Chartered Bank or Barclays Bank Ghana, the clue from this survey is to get into the industry first, by applying and accepting offers form smaller banks – local or international. After some years in the industry, you may then become a preferred target or choice for these big banking brands in the country.

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